Music without distractions: Copyright Power International helps!

You do what you love doing: writing, performing or producing music.  You are good at it, make a living with it, but as soon as the royalties are about to flow, there’s also the noise. Not because of the music, but because of all administrative details you are suddenly confronted with.  Ideally, you would give away all paperwork and follow your heart back into the world of music.  Making music without distractions……… and without unnecessarily missing any royalties!

Copyright Power International can help.

Copyright Power International BV is an independent and full service royalty administration house/ back office/music publisher. We focus on composers, producers, artists, publishers and all others parties active in the (commissioned) music-  and entertainment industry in the field of radio, television, commercials, CDs and performances. We are specialized in handling the entire copyright and neighboring right process. This is what we are good at.  This is what we prefer to do.  Copyright Power International aims to filter out all background noises.

We are:

  • Back office for creatives (composer/artist/publisher/label/management) in the music & media industry
  • Independent music publisher

We are specialized in the registration, administration and collection of international music- , neighboring- and cable rights (eg. via Buma/Stemra, Sena, Norma, VEVAM, SEKAM or comparable foreign organizations).