In name of the artists you represent, CPI is helping to ensure:

  • Check and advice on remittances payable to music stages/locations where your artists perform.
  • Music registration
  • Royalty check
  • Reporting live performances (incl. setlists)
  • Collect airplay/broadcast/sales data
  • Submit comments/claims (missing royalties)
  • Collect outstanding rights
  • Chase outstanding royalties
  • Coordinate, check and deliver sound files for ‘fingerprint’ system
  • Tailored advice

Through our partnership with MBS Benelux, we can offer you an even wider – concerted – range of services, such as: accounting, tax returns, negotiations, drafting and checking of contracts, mediation and business management.

Once the paperwork of your artists is well-organized they can concentrate on good performances, which is in everyone’s interest.