In collaboration with the composer the services of CPI include:

  • manage and administer publishing-fund on behalf of producer
  • music registration
  • take care of music cue sheets (Buma/Stemra)
  • arranging standard agreements between producer and third-party composers
  • royalty check on behalf of producer and (optionally) composer
  • collect airplay data
  • submit royalty claims (missing royalties) for all parties involved
  • chasing outstanding royalties
  • music clearances (obtain license to use existing (hit) repertoire)
  • consultancy/advice
  • use our network of top composers to create tailored music for your production

We make sure that not only your publishing fund is well organized, but automatically provide this service to any composer involved. We take the administrative burden off your hands, so that all parties are assured of a proper royalty collection. This way, composers will be glad to work with you.