Copyright Power International is an independent administrative office/back office. We operate in the Netherlands as well as abroad and think from the perspective of our customer(s).

CPI has flexible payment methods:

  • Percentage of expected revenue rights on the publisher’s share
  • hourly fee
  • fee per project

Discretion, long-term relationships, reliability and accuracy has our top priority.

Do you as composer/author/artist wouldn’t like to miss any of your royalties? Then switch to CPI. Organizing copyright matters is our daily practice. Too often it’s something that is simply done “between whiles”, the administration is defective, or important deadlines are missed due to lack of time.  By the absence of a helpful network, a limited know-how and a lack of airplay- and/or sales data, people are send from pillar to post. Unintentionally, royalties remain idle on the shelf of the copyright organizations.

Familiar situation? No time to collect usage or broadcast data yourself? Turn to CPI. Practice shows that we recoup ourselves (and more) by thinking along with the organization and by professionalizing the administration and collection. This gives you time to expand and add on to a further professionalization of your business/activities.

Booking Offices & Management Agencies:

Do you want to be assured of a proper copyright administration for your artist(s)? Didn’t they miss  any income from Buma/Stemra, Sena or Norma? Is the financial administration in order? Playlists of live performances provided in time? Royalty statements checked for correctness? Contracts screened, just to be sure? Please contact us for an orientating meeting.

Advertising, Radio or TV station, TV producer: share in the royalties? Make sure that not only your own records are in order, but provide this service automatically to the composers you work with. Take the paperwork off your and their hands so that all parties are assured of a proper royalty collection. The composer will be grateful and happy again to work with you again.

The organization of a music event will run more smoothly if all music rights and licenses are well arranged beforehand. This saves a lot of time afterwards, prevents irritation and avoids extra unexpected costs. Once the royalty flow is well organized, the artist/DJ will be happy to show up again!

Need help in setting up an own music publishing or the management/administration of it? Turn to CPI, we are used to deal with these kind of matters.

Save on unnecessary sub-publishing costs for royalty collection abroad:

In order to make this run as fast and smoothly as possible, we have an extensive network, and memberships with national and international copyright organizations. Direct collection saves unnecessary sub-publishing costs of usually 16.6%! That’s fast earning. So we only choose for sub-publishing, when it’s really necessary.

A well-organized copyright administration and solid collection flow, gives room for the further development of individual and business activities.

Unique “Full Service Concept”

Unlike a standard music publisher, CPI acts on a full service basis, taking into account all rightful claimants of a copyright, so: composer, author, music publisher, producer and artist.

Activities for all the rightful owners of a musical work will be joined as much as possible.

Advantages: higher efficiency, lower costs, one contact point and a better service by experienced persons.