• Music registration
  • Royalty check
  • Reporting live performances (incl. setlists)
  • Collect airplay/broadcast/sales data
  • Submit comments/claims (missing royalties)
  • Collect outstanding royalties
  • Chase outstanding royalties
  • Music clearances (obtain license to use existing (hit) repertoire)
  • Coordinate, check and deliver sound files for ‘fingerprint’ system
  • Explore new opportunities for music exploitation
  • Deal check
  • Tailored advice
  • Re-use commissioned music

Through our partnership with MBS Benelux, we can offer you an even wider – concerted – range of services, such as: accounting, tax returns, negotiations, drafting/checking contracts, mediation and business management.

Advantage: By combining multiple back- office disciplines, where both financial and copyright/ neighboring rights matters are properly regulated, a well- organized basis is being created. This allows you, as a creative, composer, author, artist, publisher or advertising agency to focus on optimizing your talent.

Look what Copyright Power International can do for you as:

  • composer/author
  • Performer/artist
  • Music producer
  • (Sub)publisher
  • Advertising agency, Film Producer, Audio Visual Producer (music for commercials film, or business production)
  • Booking office
  • Radio and Television producer and/or station

We do what we do best: offering broad (inter) national support to all our relationships.